Project MTP devlog

Project MTP is a 3D adventure game. I’m making it with my custom engine.

The latest screenshot

The latest screenshot

The game/engine is written in C++ and works on Windows and Linux.


I initially started working on the 3D engine (after several years of making a 2D one) in 2021.

One of the first screenshots of my 3D engine

One of the first screenshots of my 3D engine

I got a lot of things working - model loading, skeletal animations, cameras… but then I kinda burnt out and went back to 2D until 2023 when I decided to do OpenGL/C++ stuff again.

The new engine was build from the ground up using only a few snippets from the old code base. I wanted to built a “cleaner” engine/code base using my experience writing Go which motivated me to write simpler code. I think I succeeded.

I’m posting a lot more stuff on my Twitter, I’ll post “best of” content of my website for easier reading.

March - June 2023

Basic lighting, shadow mapping, dialogues, cat model

July - August 2023

Animation, multiple shadow casting lights, sounds, menu work

September - November 2023

PBR, city and room level, dynamic TV screen

December 2023

Bikeshedding, porting my old platformer game to C++ from Go.