Project MTP dev log index

Project MTP dev log (July - August 2023)

July 2023

2023-07-09 Learning how to animate

It took me two weeks to learn how to rig and do basic walk/run animations. They turned out pretty fine.

2023-07-10 Rigging and animating the cat

The cat is rigged and I made a basic walk animation for him.

2023-07-12 Face animations/textures

Previously, the cat’s face features were modelled. But I decided to do it as textures for ease of use.

Expressions sketch

Expressions sketch

The faces are still modelled in Blender and later rendered to a PNG texture.

They textures look pretty in the game. The texture is only 512x512 and you don’t see pixels even up close:

August 2023

2023-08-03 Picking up items and inventory

2023-08-07 Music and SFX

Spent some time learning REAPER and made some music and SFX for the game

2023-08-13 Dialogue choices + item interactions

2023-08-14 Debug info display

There’s a lot of stuff going on (most of the names are disabled usually, so it’s not as cluttered)

2023-08-16 NPC path following

NPCs can now follow paths. Reading paths from gltf was difficult because Blender doesn’t export vertices in determined order so I had to implement an algorithm to recover the vertex order by their edge connectivity (the “start” of the path is the vertex which is closest to the origin)

2023-08-18 Gleeby deeby???

Spent a lot of time working on a camera system which would allow me to easily and smoothly transfer from one camera to another

2023-08-23 Menu system

Spend several days working on a menu system. The positions of each element is automatically determined by a grid layout which makes it easy to rearrange elements and make complex menus.

It also supports UTF-8 and localization: