About me

I’m a professional programmer and an indie game developer in my free time. I’m a solo developer - I do programming, art, music and everything else.

I’ve started programming in 2009 in C++ (and have been using C++ as my “primary” language since then). I’m also proficient in Lua and Go.

What I use for my work

Open source

My most significant open source contribution to date is ImGui-SFML which I have maintained for 6 years (not anymore, though).

I’ve also contributed patches to SFML, Dear ImGui, sol2, SDL-image …and countless other libraries, but the contribution was much smaller comparatively.


No games released so far… but I’m working on it!

Well, I released a small breakout game (and web version made with Ebitengine), so I technically did, right?

Project MPT (March 2023 - Present)

Project MTP dev log

A mysterious adventure game about a cat.

This is my first 3D game - I’m developing it with my custom engine which uses OpenGL and SDL.The engine has PBR and deferred shading implemented, as well as many other things that a proper 3D game engine needs.

Untitled platformer game (2020-2022, unfinished)

An action-platformer game made with Ebitengine. It was programmed in Go and it was a very interesting experience which led me to rewrite a lot of my C++ engine in a much simpler way.

Tomb Painter (2017-2020, unfinished)

An action adventure game in 4 colors with dynamic lighting.

Re:creation (2013-2017, unfinished)

Dev log on SFML forums

Unfortunately, many screenshots don’t show up because Imgur has deleted them. I still have them archived.

My first “serious” game. It was very promising, but its scope became too much for me to handle, unfortunately. I learned a lot while making it.

Other art (concepts, prototypes, 3D models etc.)

Moon: Remix RPG Adventure scene remade in Blender

Moon: Remix RPG Adventure scene remade in Blender. Sketchfab

A PICO-8 RPG concept.

A PICO-8 RPG concept.